Just "D" Facts about Vitamin D

Benefits of Moderate UV Sunshine Exposure

11 Ways to Slow Aging

Posted by D3forU on March 3, 2008

Sensible Sunlight

Vitamin D is one of the most underrated vitamins in the world.

Your body makes it, but only when you’re exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin D enhances performance, fights cancer and builds bones.

Older adults who don’t get enough are at increased risk for both poor physical performance and for disability.

It’s possible — but difficult — to get enough vitamin D from food.

We need the sun.

For most Caucasians who are living where there is sunlight, exposing 10 percent of your body a couple times a week is enough to get your vitamin D requirement.

Darker people or people who live in the northern latitudes need more.

Don’t be sun phobic.

Sensible sun could extend your life.

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