Just "D" Facts about Vitamin D

Benefits of Moderate UV Sunshine Exposure

Preventing Cancer through Sun Exposure

Posted by D3forU on April 5, 2008

In Sub Tropical Environments You Can Be Vitamin D DeficientIf you live in one of these perpetually sunny environments but work the entire week indoors and don’t make a conscious effort to go outside during the weekends you will become vitamin D deficient.” Don’t fear the sunshine. Jergens® Skincare in support of The Skin Cancer Foundation announces “Glow in the Dark,” a campaign to give up bad tanning habits in favor of alternatives. What is an alternative according to the maker of Jergens? No sun at all, or maybe the new topical drug version sure to be called “Nosunitol.” Goodbye Vitamin D, hello breast cancer. Hello skin cancer. They reference this sobering statistic:

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 1 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually.

What they do not tell you is that more skin cancers are caused by a lack of sun exposure rather than too much. Without adequate Vitamin D and Selenium, you can practically guarantee a dangerous chronic disease of degradation. Unfortunately, most money directed at skin cancer research places undue focus on chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as if skin cancer is a deficiency of anyone of those things. Our bodies are designed to deal with normal free radical damage caused by occasional overexposure to sunlight, but an apparent inability to look at nutritional deficiencies has condemned one million unsuspecting Americans to skin cancer every year. Healthy sun exposure and food grown selenium could prevent hundreds of thousands of them without wasting a dollar more on dermatological drug research. The truth only hurts drug companies and the politicians that they have lobbied.

You needn’t fear the sun. Learn about the UV Advantage by going here: http://www.uvadvantage.org/.


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