Just "D" Facts about Vitamin D

Benefits of Moderate UV Sunshine Exposure

The Skin Cancer Cover-Up. Dermotologist in Favor of SunTanning

Posted by D3forU on April 27, 2010

Every summer we’re warned that the sun can kill.

In fact, most sun-provoked lesions are benign, and not really cancers at all.

by Professor Sam Shuster

Mankind and the sun have successfully maintained their unequal partnership for some considerable time.

We owe our existence to it, and Darwinian genetic and social evolution long ago taught us how to cope with the quiddities of that existence and turn them to our advantage.

For example, our bodies have developed the ability to use the sun for the production of vitamin D essential for our bones, and certain immune functions.

That ability is passed on by the safe hand of genetic evolution, which is not subject to the vagaries of its social counterpart.

Excessive avoidance and UV screening is a danger because it does not allow a tan, nature’s own sun block, to develop and as a result exposure is likely to cause sun-burn.

The dogma, now fossilized in print, is that any tan is a sign of skin damage.

Tell that to Darwin.

Pigmented melanocytes in the skin are a system that protects it from excessive UV, which evolved long before the advent of sunscreens.

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