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Facts get lost in the headlines of tanning again

Posted by D3forU on May 27, 2010

True journalism looks behind the headline and gets both sides of a story; allowing the reader to make informed decisions, not just get eyeballs.

Did Melanoma Researchers ‘Reverse Engineer’ Their Findings? Anti-Tanning Lobbying Group Downplayed Key Conflicting Information Questions about this study that should have been answered  http://xr.com/RevEng

  • Failure to disclose conflict of interest and deceptive research practices
  • Failure to disclose conflicting findings and confounding factors
  • Failure to highlight study and control group bias by choosing study participants who are naturally predisposed to melanoma
  • Failure to cite absolute risk factors, as opposed to relative risk
  • Failure to cite other sources, such as sunscreen use, for risks associated with melanoma
  • Failure to explain a 5-fold higher usage of indoor tanning in the study’s control group when compared to the national average

Tanning beds: What do the numbers really mean? http://xr.com/ARtanRR

Journalists who report only on relative differences in making claims about a new idea should tell the rest of the story. It is absolute differences that probably matter most to most people trying to make sense out of such claims. http://xr.com/ARvRR

UVA Light Does Not Cause Melanoma Univ Texas Report http://xr.com/UVAnoMel

EWG reports many sunscreens may cause cancers http://xr.com/SSaol


False and deceptive headlines don’t tell all the story http://xr.com/resp75

These are just a few of the recent articles and research papers that show the other side of the picture. Look behind the headline and give readers a complete picture.


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