Just "D" Facts about Vitamin D

Benefits of Moderate UV Sunshine Exposure

Brighten Up Your Day with Mother Nature’s Sunshine

Posted by D3forU on June 14, 2010

Lack of sunshine can create up to 20 Times (2000%) the risk of many internal cancers, and actually increase the risk of melanoma. Many more lives are lost because of insufficient solar UVB and Vitamin D than from skin cancer and melanoma.51,115-117


CDC Melanoma Mortality 30 years 1975-2005

CDC 30 Year Melanoma Mortality 1975-2005

Melanoma Mortality Rates have remained steady for Women for the past 30 years at a rate of 2/100,000 while Men have risen two-threefold in the same time frame. Women frequent tanning salons at a ratio of 4:1. shouldn’t the rate be reversed?

Indoor tanners have Vitamin D levels 90% higher than those who do not. They also have ~20% lowered Parathyroid (PTH) levels, and higher Bome Mass Density (BMD).


SunScreen SALES vs Melanoma

Humans evolved under the sun. Mother Nature played a cruel joke in that the same UVB that produces vast amounts of Vitamin D in the skin can also burn and/or damage it with overexposure. Sunscreens have been in use for the past 40 years, and not surprisingly, by blocking Natures’ own protection, we may have caused many of the melanomas being seen.

Interestingly, the same sun that may cause melanoma may actually protect against the most serious cases.

A little bit of anything is usually good for us, but an overabundance may cause harm. Moderation is the key. Get regular sun exposure on as much body surface for a short period of time outdoors when you can, between the hours of 10A and 2P, when the sun is above 45°, typically between April and November at a line from Boston to Sacramento (40°N Lat).

If that’s not practical, Indoor tanning salons offer time controlled UV exposure that doesn’t vary with the time of day, season, cloud cover, ozone layer, or many other factors.


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