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Skin cancer risk from tanning beds is miniscule. Why ‘75 percent’ Stat is Wrong

Posted by D3forU on January 8, 2011


Internet health education web site NaturalNews.com is calling for people to re-examine the relatively small risk of melanoma, often put out of perspective by groups linked to those who profit from anti-sun messaging.

In an article titled “Skin cancer risk from tanning beds is miniscule” NaturalNews takes aim at a statistic used by anti-sun lobbying groups to allege that “use of sunbeds before the age of 35 is associated with a 75 percent increase in the risk of melanoma.”

Aside from the fact that the stat has been debunked — it came from data inlcuding home tanning units and medical usage of UV-emitting devices — the number itself is grossly misleading statistic, as NaturalNews.com points out.

Simply put, it is a relative risk figure. But the absolute risk associated with that figure is still very small.

As NaturalNews wrote: “In an article for Wilmington’s News Journal, AHCJ member Hiran Ratnayake reviewed the research that led to the oft-quoted statistic of 75 percent increased risk. He found that a review of research from a number of different studies did indeed find an average 75 percent increase in those who used tanning beds. But the original risk was so low (roughly two-tenths of 1 percent) that even a 75 percent increase means a final risk still well under 1 percent.”

Again, that figure includes medical usage of UV equipment and usage of home tanning units. Commercial units worldwide made up only a 6 percent risk increase, including European usage of those with skin type I.

To read the NaturalNews article click here.


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